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Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a.300 Weatherby Magnum round averages out to 4070 ft-lb, while a.300 Winchester Magnum round averages out to about 3520 ft-lb. One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot At 500 yards the gap opens a bit wider, with the Winchester dropping 38.7 inches and the Weatherby dropping 31.7 inches. At that distance the.300 Winchester retains 1,766 ft.-lbs., and the Weatherby retains 2,186. It's an appreciable advantage, but again, there's that recoil tradeoff So what it comes down to to me is .300 Win Mag vs 300 Weatherby. The performance difference is only a little, but almost across the board it is biased in favor of the Weatherby. Recoil is what I'm not sure about. Most objective info I can find seems to indicate that the Wby kicks harder, but what I can't find is how much harder is harder? Is this significant. I am somewhat reluctant. The difference between the.300 Win. and the.300 Weatherby mags is ballistically very academic and at the end of day does not mean allot. If you want to increase your edge consider the.338 Win. Mag. The recoil is not significantly more for a serious Big Game hunting rifle

Last year, I was hunting with a buddy that was shooting a 6.5-300 Weatherby and I was shooting a .300 Win Mag. He shot his elk, broadside at between 180 and 240 yards, 5 times. I shot mine at 270 yards, quartering away, 1 time. Jan 27, 2020 #5 E. elkguide Senior Member. Joined Jan 26, 2016 Messages 3,197 Location Vermont. Not to knock the 6.5-300 totally as I did spot for him as he shot a deer. A.30-06 is just about 100 fps faster than a.308 Win, too..300 Win Mag with 180 gr =2960 fps;.300 WBY = 3110 fps with the same bullet. The Win mag will fit in a.30-06, where a.300 Wby is on a long..

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https://www.facebook.com/Bryants2ndAmendmentZone I know there are going to be questions about safety in the videos about this range so I want to address them.. 338 vs 300 weatherby I would say the 338 winchester is a bit or much better for the tough brownies.. I am not sure that I would have any weatherby and especially the 300 it is no better than the 300 win. and the short mags are just a fad and they will not be here long.. the ultra mags are the same short lived.. there is only one good weatherby and that is the 375 and it was discontinued many. While both the .300 Win Mag and the .300 WSM can be found in major retail stores and especially online, there are usually more options for the .300 Win Mag. It is an older round with a much larger following then the WSM and the manufacturers know this. It's not that you can't get what you want of the .300 WSM, but you might have to shop around more for it

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  1. 300 Win. Mag. Showing 1-16 of 24 results . Mark V® Accumark Base Model Ben on 270 Weatherby Magnum; Tony Lucero on Vanguard® Sporter; Chester Piland on Mark V® Accumark; Grover Brown on Vanguard® Sporter; Tony James on Orion® I; Archives. Categories. No categories; Meta. Log in; Entries feed; Comments feed; WordPress.org; Contact Us. Weatherby Customer Service representatives are.
  2. When Weatherby decided to enter the 6.5 market, the company immediately went for the top spot. The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum bested even the Nosler, with the initial load firing a 127-grain Barnes LRX bullet at 3,531 feet per second (fps) from the muzzle
  3. Next is the 300 RUM, then the 300 Weatherby, and last is the 300 Winchester. I feel uncomfortable using the word last in the same sentence with the 300 Winchester. The 300 Winchester is a fine cartridge and certainly first when it comes to popularity. All else being equal it simply comes down to powder capacity. Before some short magnum champion says anything remember I qualified my.
  4. I was wondering why you would choose the 300 wby over the 300 win mag until I saw that it's energy and velocity was some what higher. I came across a Chuck Hawks article where he was discussing what to expect when moving up to the medium and heavy hitters. As always his stuff is a good read and full of valuable info. I am really impressed with the win mag as it is very versital, accurate and.
  5. gton Ultra Magnum, but it is still certainly capable of bringing down elk, moose, bear, and bighorn sheep. Its inherent long-range accuracy due to the advantageous bullet weight makes it a valued purchase

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Yes, it could happen. .338 Winchester Magnum is a more common cartridge, I'd imagine, and would be easier to find. The extra few hundred foot-pounds of energy that you'd get from a .388 Wby Mag aren't that crucial. Shot placement is key- with a .338 Win Mag, you can do anything a .300 Weatherby Magnum can do The .30/06 vs. the .300 Winchester Magnum. Both are celebrated by hunters worldwide, but which one of these classic .30-caliber cartridges will come out on to

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300 Weatherby Magnum vs 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Discussion in 'Weatherby' started by BattleRifleG3, Jun 5, 2006. Which 300 long magnum? 300 Weatherby Mag 3 vote(s) 50.0% 300 Remington Ultra Mag 3 vote(s) 50.0% Jun 5, 2006 #1 . BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist. 11,889 201. Western PA. Both the 300 Wby and 300 RUM have about the same power, with the RUM having the edge by a little, but individual. The 300 Win Mag is usually just a little harder to find ammo for and has a little more cost. The Weatherby is almost proprietary to Weatherby rifles or rechambering others. The ammo for the.. I actually held a 1 group using a vanguard .300 wthby mag firing .300 win mag. The only injury I experienced was I was cleaning up brass and took my muffs off and decided to fire a cold bore shot after the rifle cooled down and forgot to put my muffs back on. I was under a canopy and my ears are still ringing after 6 hours. Lol. But yes. It is safe. The weatherby chambered rifle is made for. die.300 win mag funkioniert bestens mit Barnes X, Sako Hammerhead und CDP (wobei das CDP nur auf stärkeres Wild ab 100 kg eingesetzt wurde). Vorteil der.300wm ist eben die große Munitionsvielfalt - es bleibt aber eine etwas aufgeblasenere 30/06 die wirkliche Magnums in.30 sind die 308 Norma Mag und die 300 weatherby

Winchester used the Jeffery case for its .300 Winchester Short Magnum, released in 2001, giving .300 Win. Mag. velocities in a short-action rifle. This caught on like a wildfire, and among the WSM family, the .300 is, was and will be the most popular of the lot. The .300 WSM has its drawbacks, namely magazine space and feeding issues in some of the rifles I've shot, but it is accurate and. The 300 Weatherby Magnum was introduced around 1946 and it is still the most popular magnum that Weatherby ever made. This cartridge is loaded to 65,000 cup and its recoil is quite serious. The 300 Weatherby Mag will really get your attention the first time you shoot one. This cartridge has far more recoil than a 300 Winchester Magnum The author analyzed six .30 caliber magnum cartridges (.300 H&H Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Weatherby, .300 Remington Ultra Mag., .30 Nosler, and .30-378 Weatherby) for trajectory, effective range, and recoil with modern ballistic software available free online from shooterscalculator.com. Calculations were corrected to standard temperature (59F/15C) and pressure (29.92 inHg/1013 mbar. Re: .300 Weatherby Mag if you set the 300wby chamber back it will clean up the 300 win mag chamber you can run ultramags in the AICS 338 lapua mags with modification so you will be able to run the 300 WBY without to much drama at worst you willhave to have the ribs machined out but there are people that can do that but i would test them first Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a.30-06 Springfield round averages out to 2920 ft-lb, while a.300 Weatherby Magnum round averages out to about 4070 ft-lb. One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot

I saw the post on the .300 win mag recoil, what is the recoil like on a .300 weatherby mag? Is it much worse than a Remington 870 express super magnum (7 1/2lbs) shooting 3'' slugs or buckshot? Or any 12 gauge. I know it depends on weight stock and everything, but I just want ageneral idea or it compared to a 12 gauge Abgesehen von der alten.300 H&H Magnum waren zwei weitere Patronen im.30er-Magnum-Segment auf dem Markt erfolgreich: die.300 Weatherby Magnum und die.308 Norma Magnum. Aber auch diese fielen hinsichtlich der Verkaufszahlen in kurzer Zeit zurück. Die.300 Winchester Magnum liegt leistungsmäßig zwischen beiden This is also a potential competitor of the Winchester, Weatherby, H&H, Norma, and Dakota. In general, the 300 Win Mag is an elegant kind of standard-length cartridge like the belted 375 H&H Magnum case. It is ideal for 30-06 length cartridges. This is a faded brim and short-action round which are suitable in the 308-length rifle actions

.300 Weatherby Mag Long Guns (42 Products) Filter By . Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 42 total . Show. per page . Page: 1; 2; Weatherby VHC300WR8B Vanguard High Country 300WBY. .300 Win Mag is a magnum rifle cartridge that was introduced by Winchester in 1953. The parent cartridge of .300 Win Mag is .375 H&H Magnum. The round is popular for both big game hunting and long range shooting..30-06 is an extremely old round. It was originally introduced in 1906, and was originally used in the United States Army Each cartridge is today the most popular magnum in its caliber, raising the question: Which is the best all round hunting cartridge? Now, you 300 Weatherby Mag. fans don't jump in here and spoil the argument or I'll let the 300 RUM lovers counter. Size matters, so let's stick to the two older magnums Winchester introduced the .458 Win. Mag. in 1956, following with the .264 and .338 Win. Mags. in 1958. These cartridges used .300 H&H/.375 H&H case shortened to about 2.5 inches in order to fit into a .30-06-length action. Exactly why Winchester didn't immediately introduce a fast .30 in those years is a mystery, but the company finally introduced its .300 Win. Mag. in 1963 The.300 Winchester Magnum was not the first.30 caliber magnum cartridge (the.300 Weatherby Magnum and.300 H&H Magnum are both older), but it's far and away the most popular and commercially successful magnum cartridge of that size

This monster has 20% more powder capacity than the .300 Win. Mag. and 13% more capacity than the .300 Weatherby Mag. The .300 Ultra has a rebated rim that allows the body of the case to be fatter than the rim, which is the same size as the rim on the .300 Winchester Magnum and other standard magnum cases. This allows it to work with standard. 7mm Weatherby mag vs 300 Weatherby mag I am looking at buying one of these rifles, but I am not sure which to purchase. I currently have a Weatherby 308 win. sub-moa, but the bullet drop is tremendous after 300 yds It's virtually impossible to improve the 300 Weatherby Magnum. dkhunt14. Jul 9, 2015 #3 The 300 Weatherby improved is the 308 BAER 30RDP, 30 Goodling and a few others. I would pick another case like the Lapua or WSM. Matt . jsthntn247. Jul 9, 2015 #4 Also looked at a 30 Nosler. . Trying to stay with a mag bolt face and push a 215 hybrid to 2950 in a 26 tube. Necking up 28 Nosler seems. In my last question I was asking about the .300 Weatherby a friend of mine ( and maybe a few posts ) suggested that maybe a .338 Win Mag would suit my needs better. I have looked at the .338 win mag recoil charts ( for my boy ) and seen that it kicks similar overall. This rifle is more for.. When the .300 Win. Mag. had its day, belted magnums were all the rage in the ammunition development market. Remembering the new-of-the-day in 1963 Winchester Model 70 chambered in the then-new .300 Win. Mag., if you were the guy on the mountain in Wyoming with one of these rifles you were always selected to block. The call was then, and still is today on our Dakota Missouri breaks, 300 up.

The company formally introduced the fruits of their labor to the world in 1963: the .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as the .300 Win Mag, .300 WM, .300 Mag, or .300 Winchester, but not to be confused with its cousin the 300 WSM). Like the .308 Norma, the .300 Winchester Magnum essentially duplicated the performance of the .300 H&H Magnum in a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle. Find .300 Weatherby Magnum bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses Weatherby Vanguard MeatEater Edition Tungsten Cerakote Bolt Action Rifle - 300 Winchester Magnum - MeatEater joined forces with Weatherby to design this limited-edition rifle to be one of the best hunting rifles on the market in its class. It is an accurate, lightweight, durable, affordable, and ready for the next adventure. The MeatEater features an engraved hinged floor plate and speaks to. Find 300 Weatherby Mag Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. Bulk Ammunition on sale, including 300 Weatherby Mag Rifle Rounds. Ammo Freedom. Home; My Account. Log In Register. My Account My Orders My Address Book My Password. FAQs; Categories. Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo 17 Hornet Ammo 17 Rem Fireball Ammo 17 Remington Ammo 204 Ruger Ammo 218 Winchester Bee Ammo 22 Hornet.

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  1. RE: 300 Weatherby vs 7 mm REM MAG As much as I love the 338 as THE classic all around 1 gun for the North American continent, I must confess my love for the original super 30 the 300 WbyMag. From a handloaders table you cant convince me that a 200grain Xbullet fired stoutly from a 300Wby wont do anything a 338 with a 250 will do, you just cant convince me
  2. .300 Winchester Magnum a la salida te da 2,960 fps y 3,501 ft/lb, a 100 yardas 2,715 fps y 2,945 ft/lb.300 Weatherby Magnum a la salida te da 3,120 fps y 3,890 ft/lb, a 100 yardas 2,866 fps y 3,282 ft/lb En lo personal no le veo mucha diferencia entre potencia, y por la facilidad de conseguir ammo, me iria mas por el .300 Win Mag
  3. gton 700 in .300 win. mag. for about 26 years now. Besides, I've heard that the new Savages are.
  4. I would never tell anyone to get a .300 Weatherby Magnum instead of a .300 Winchester Magnum. Performance-wise the two are similar, and efficiency and availability should be considered. Excuse my idiosyncrasies, but I have a long history with the .300 Weatherby Magnum, and I still like it. I got my first one in 1982, a left-hand Mark V with 26-inch barrel. This was after devastating burglaries.
  5. The best .300 Win Mag rifle will be the one that suits your specific use case and offers the best mix of versatility and performance in that specific use case. After all, the .300 Win Mag is a rifle that has become known for its versatility and precision; hard hitting power and its accuracy. Recently it has been surpassed by the much larger and much heavier .338 Lapua Magnum round as a.

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Jagdlicher Einsatz des Kalibers .300 Win. Mag. Die Performance der .300 Win. Mag. liegt zwischen der .300 Weatherby Magnum und der .308 Norma Magnum. Das Kaliber .300 Win. Mag. eignet sich für Drückjagden und als Patrone für mittleres bis schweres Schalenwild. Wussten Sie, dass sich die Bundeswehr aufgrund der Erfahrungen der Patrone bei der. .300 Winchester Magnum vs. Hornady .300 PRC Although I love it, in pure technical terms I'm forced to admit the .300 Win. Mag. has many outdated design characteristics, starting with the entirely unnecessary belt and including its quite-short neck, which (in theory more than practice) provides a marginal grip on the bullet and can potentially allow concentricity inconsistencies 300 Weatherby Magnum Developed 1944 / Produced 1945 By far the most popular and versatile Weatherby cartridge available. One could say the 300 WBY was 50 years ahead of its time. BUY NOW. 340 Weatherby Magnum Produced 1963 Shooting a .338 caliber bullet, the 340 Weatherby was designed as a response to the 338 Winchester Mag. However, Roy took advantage of the longer case to pack in more powder.

I'm about to buy my first rifle, a Weatherby Vanguard Accuguard, and I cannot decide between a .270 and a 300 win mag.. I have never shot a 300 win mag, and the only thing that's giving me reservation is the recoil. I just don't know how bad it will be When the .300 Win Mag was introduced to the public, the concept of a magnum round was not new, but the timing of the round, along with the popular rifles that came chambered for it, and its performance in field, all culminated in the .300 WM being on of the most popular and used magnum round to date. The .300 Win Mag can be packed with large. Lee Precision Pacesetter Reloading Dies .300 Magnum. 4.7 out of 5 stars 63. $33.99 $ 33. 99 $39.98 $39.98. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Other options New from $33.89. Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,090. $85.79 $ 85. 79. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Lee Precision 300 Weatherby Mag Collet Dies. 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. Hornady 046351 Full.

  1. Buy 300 Weatherby Ammo Vs 300 Win Mag And Best Gun Cleaning Kit 9mm 300 Weatherby Ammo Vs 300 Win Mag And Best Gun Cleaning Kit 9mm Reviews : If you're lookin
  2. The .300 H&H Magnum cartridge was introduced by the British company Holland & Holland as the Super-Thirty in June, 1925. The case was belted like the .375 H&H Magnum, and is based on the same case, as also is the .244 H&H Magnum.The belt is for headspace as the cases' shoulders have a narrow slope rather than an actual shoulder. More modern magnums continue this practice, but headspacing on.
  3. 300 win mag Buy a rifle in which you feel is the best in your hands. It's all abot the placement of the shot. Me i shoot a 300 win mag. My father bought the gun the day i was born and when i turned 16 he gave it t me. I have shot all kinds of differnat game with the rifle it has never let me down. With no piont really made here just pick out a.
  4. Test shoot of Veterans MFG UltraLight Vehicle Ballistic Shields. Test conducted by Katy, Texas Police Department. Rounds tested: Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum .257 Weatherby @3,700fps Pistol 9mm FN.
  5. .300 Weatherby Magnum vs. .308 norma Magnum. Jump to Latest Follow Which round .300 Weatherby magnum Votes: 0 0.0% The .300 Norma isn't enough different from the .300 Win mag to say so, and the .30-378 is just way to expensive cartridges and components for my taste. I voted .300 Weaterby, given the choices. There are a lot of cases for it now that so many manufacturers load for it and.
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