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The Trolley Problem Game The Trolley Problem Game is a game based on the infamous trolley problem. The classic problem involved an out-of-control trolley headed to kill 5 people. You are standing at the lever, and can redirect the trolley onto a track that will kill 1 person Games and ethics! It's the oldest chestnut in the book! Try your hand at the switch and see what you would do in a series of gruelling ethical challenges from the all-time classic ethical thought experiment from philosophy, the trolley problem! Choose wisely and well! No regrets Dr. Trolley's Problem Dr. Trolley's Problem brings the classic philosophical quandaries of The Trolley Problem to life and asks you to make life or death decisions on the fly. Explore your moral fiber in ways you never imagined (or asked for) In Trolley Problems, you are setting up moral dilemmas for everyone else to vote on. You earn points by setting up difficult problems. As a voter, you get a point for being in the majority. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins

Spiele das kostenlose Spiel Trolley Problem auf Y8.com! Klicken und das Spiel Trolley Problem kostenlos spielen! Wir haben die besten Gratisspiele ausgewählt, wie zum Beispiel Trolley Problem Dr. Trolley's Problem Dr. Trolley's Problem brings the classic philosophical quandaries of The Trolley Problem to life and asks you to make life or death decisions on the fly. Explore your moral fibre in ways you never imagined (or asked for)

Das Trolley-Problem ist ein moralisches Gedankenexperiment, das in neuerer Zeit von Philippa Foot beschrieben wurde A platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars. We show you moral dilemmas, where a driverless car must choose the lesser of two evils, such as killing two passengers or five pedestrians. As an outside observer, you judge which outcome you think is more acceptable In Zukunft könnte künstliche Intelligenz über Leben und Tod entscheiden. Forscher haben untersucht, wie Menschen bei einer moralischen Grundsatzfrage reagieren würden Diese Grundsatzfrage ist Gegenstand der so genannten Reihe von Trolley (engl. Straßenbahn)-Problemen, die als Gedankenexperiment ein ethisch-moralisches Dilemma präsentieren, in denen sich eine Person zwischen zwei sich ausschliessenden und ungewollten alternativen Ausgängen entscheiden muss

Trolley Problem is a fun unity_webgl game on Gamepost. It is in the 1 player, Mouse Skill, Free, Unity, WebGL categories Some games such as The Trolley Problem Game and Moral Machine have made interactive games out of the thought experiment. In the final episode of Fate/Zero, Kiritsugu Emiya's ideals are challenged by Angra Mainyu, who presents him with a variant of the trolley problem revolving around boats containing the survivors of an apocalyptic event The Trolley Problem Game is a game based on the infamous trolley problem. The classic problem involved an out-of-control trolley headed to kill 5 people. You are standing at the lever, and can.. A party game of moral dilemmas and trolley murder Trolley Problem is an online WebGL game for kids. It uses the Unity webgl technology. Play this Unity game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at POG

The game presents a lot of trolley problem situations you can play through to test your ethics. You'll find yourself trying to decide which way a runaway trolley should go - towards the upstanding citizen or towards a dog? The game includes an autonomous car mode which echos the choices AIs will have to make when they get into sticky situations. I think this game is great because I made it. The trolley problem is a moral dilemma originally proposed by the virtue ethicist, Philippa Foot. (A trolley, incidentally, is another name for a tram or streetcar). There isn't a right or wrong answer to this dilemma - it really is up to you to determine the moral dimensions in respect of your own ethics (much as in real life! This game is game made for the love of The Trolley Problem and all the weird and wonderful questions it makes you ask about yourself. We thought it would be fun to develop a platform for extending the Trolley Problem in all directions. We eventually want to collect accurate statistics about the choices people make (de-identified data, of course) so users can see what choices other people made. The Trolley Problem is a popular thought experiment explaining a philosophical ethical dilemma. The dilemma was translated into a popular comic drawing, which then became an exploitable in online forums Trolley Problem 2,821 play times. Add this game to your profile's TOP 3 loved list. Add to favourite. Favourited. Report a bug Human validation Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. 33.33% Did you like this game? Yes. No. Games you may like Tags All tags. 1 player. Mouse Skill. Free. Unity. WebGL. Add this game to your web page Share on Website. Hi there! Did you know.

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Would you reroute a train to run over one person to prevent it from running over five others? In the classic Trolley Problem survey, most people say they w.. View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/would-you-sacrifice-one-person-to-save-five-eleanor-nelsen Imagine you're watching a runaway trolley barreling do.. In The Trolley Problem, I presented Philippa Foot's dilemma, which I'll include here for context:. An out-of-control trolley is rushing down its track - and a mad philosopher has tied five people in its path. There is a switch which will lead the trolley down a different track - but there is a single person tied there The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics about a fictional scenario in which an onlooker has the choice to save 5 people in danger of being hit by a trolley, by diverting the trolley to kill just 1 person This dilemma always amazed me by the number of people who decide to maneuver the switch to send the trolley to kill 1 unexpected person rather than the 5 people expected. I put myself for a moment in the place of the one who manipulated the switch..

This is the crux of the classic thought experiment known as the trolley dilemma, developed by philosopher Philippa Foot in 1967 and adapted by Judith Jarvis T in 1985. The trolley dilemma.. This game/ activity allows children to practice their problem solving and memory skills through a real life type experience of going shopping. Up to 6 players. Each player gets a shopping trolley and the corresponding colour shopping list

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Spiele das kostenlose Spiel Trolley Dash auf Y8.com! Klicken und das Spiel Trolley Dash kostenlos spielen! Wir haben die besten Gratisspiele ausgewählt, wie zum Beispiel Trolley Dash The Trolley Problem, Sacrifice, and Self-Defense* Thomas Nadelhoffer *Draft Copy: Please do not cite without permission Introduction: Philosophers have spilled a lot of ink trying to explain and justify their intuitions with respect to a family of famous thought experiments that are often collectively referred to as the trolley problem. For present purposes, I am going to limit my.

Trolley Problems and Other Difficult Moral Questions 1 Introduction Philippa Foot introduced the trolley problem in The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect (Foot, Philippa, 1967). Suppose that a judge or magistrate is faced with rioters demanding that a culprit be found for a certain crime and threatening otherwise to take their own bloody revenge on a particular.

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